Future Networks Systems and Security FNSS2016 
Nov 23-25, 2016 
Paris, France 
Advanced Program

Day 1: November 23, 2016
9:30 am
10:00 am Welcome and Conference Opening
10:15 am Opening Keynote
Prof Nirmala Shenoy, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA.
11:15 am Coffee Break
Session 1

11:30 am Network DDoS Layer 3/4/7 Mitigation via Dynamic Web Redirection
Todd Booth and Karl Andersson
12:00 pm The Looking-Glass System: A Unidirectional Network for Secure Data Transfer using an Optic Medium
Gal Oren, Lior Amar, David Levy-Hevroni and Guy Malamud
12:30 pm Statistical Network Anomaly Detection: An Experimental Study
Christian Callegari, Stefano Giordano and Michele Pagano
1:00 pm LUNCH
Session 2
2:00 pm Power Usage Efficiency with a Modular Routing Protocol
Yoshihiro Nozaki, Nirmala Shenoy and Aparna Gupta
2:30 pm Efficient Security Policy Reconciliation in Tactical Service Oriented Architectures
Vasileios Gkioulos and Stephen D. Wolthusen
3:00 pm A Roadmap for Upgrading Unupgradable Legacy Processes in Inter-Organizational Middleware Systems
Radhouane B N Jrad, M. Daud Ahmed, and David Sundaram
3.30 pm Collaborative Network Coding in Opportunistic Mobile Social Network
Tzu-Chieh Tsai, Chien-Chun Han and Shou-Yu Yen
6:00 pm
Day 2: November 24, 2016
Session 3
10:00 am Keynote 2
Prof Pascal Urien, TELECOM ParisTech
11:00 am Coffee Break
11:30 am A Social Behavior based Interest-Message Dissemination Approach in
Delay Tolerant Networks
Tzu-Chieh Tsai , Ho-Hsiang Chan , Chien Chun Han and Po-Chi Chen
12:00 pm Privacy Preserving Consensus-Based Economic Dispatch in Smart Grid Systems
Avikarsha Mandal
12:30 pm Sustainable, Holistic, Adaptable, Real-time, and Precise (SHARP)
Approach towards Developing Health and Wellness Systems
Farhaan Mirza, Asfahaan Mirza, Claris Yee Seung Chung and David Sundaram
1:00 pm LUNCH
Session 4
2:00 pm AuthentIx: Detecting Anonymized Attacks via Automated Authenticity Profiling
Mordechai Guri, Matan Monitz and Yuval Elovici
2:30 pm Secure RFID Protocol to Manage and prevent Tag counterfeiting with Matryoshka Concept
Gaith Al., Robin Doss, Morshed Chowdhury and Biplob Ray
3:00 pm Connected Bicycles
Otto B. Piramuthu
3:30 pm
Conference Closing